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Receive updates via RSS [28 Mar 2009|10:45pm]

Reprint of Receive updates via RSS from the Shiny News section.

Spiral Nature Shiny - News & Updates SpiralNature.com has had an RSS feed since late October 2008, but apart from a brief, quietly published piece called "What is RSS?", it hasn't been properly announced.

Let's begin with a recap of what RSS stands for, and why it's useful:

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a technology which allows people to receive automatic updates when new content is posted on blogs, news headlines, podcasts, or any website that publishes a feed.

RSS Feed Icon 20pxThe orange image on the left is a standard icon used to indicate that a feed is published by a website. Some browsers will show it in the address line, and clicking on it will give you the option to subscribe to the feed. SpiralNature.com simply lists it at the top of our menu as "RSS".

How do I subscribe?

Software that reads an RSS feed is alternately called an RSS reader, feed catcher, or news aggregator. Subscription is always free, and there are several ways to subscribe.

What's it do?

By subscribing to a feed, you receive content from the website as it's updated. You no longer need to remember to go back and check your bookmarks: instead, the content come to you. We publish full feeds, so that means each new essay, ritual and review is published in its entirety. The formatting may differ a little depending on your reader, but you'll get the full text.

Where do I find a reader?

Most newer browsers have feed catchers embedded in them already, while others have plugins that can be added on. I've used infoRSS for Firefox in the past, but there are many options available. Alternately, there websites such as Bloglines and Google Reader which allow users to subscribe to feeds that can be accessed from any computer. Wikipedia has a list of feed aggregators here.

What are the alternatives?

Well, you'll always be able to navigate your browser to SpiralNature.com, of course. ((Going strong since 2000!)) :)

SN's feed is also syndicated on LiveJournal. Or, if RSS feeds aren't your thing, you can also receive content updates via e-mail.

Uh, a summary please?

All receive the same content in full, ad-free, as always.

What if I still have questions?

Any questions, please feel free to contact the webmaster.

Technology is grand.
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Submission Guidelines Updated [07 Dec 2008|03:51pm]

Reprint of Submission Guidelines Updated from the Shiny News section.

Our Submission Guidelines and Review Submission Guidelines have been revised and updated, and are now give a more straightforward idea of what we're looking for.

As SN's focus is to serve as an occult resource dedicated to occult philosophy and metaphysics, alternative spiritualities, and practical magick, we publish essays, articles, book excerpts and reviews. This can include innovative explorations of personal philosophy, religious territory and magickal practice, as well as essays focusing on more traditional routes.

While we love original content, we’re not opposed to reprinting material. If the piece has appeared elsewhere either online or in print, please indicate so in your submission.

Additionally, our Review staff has increased (we have staff now!), so you can expect more reviews written in a broader range of voices coming from a variety of spiritual and occult backgrounds. (Though fear not, we are still accepting freelance reviews!)

Our submissions address remains the same: submissions [at] spiralnature [dot] com.

Questions? Contact us.
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SN 2.0 [07 Dec 2008|03:44pm]

Reprint of 2008-10-31 Welcome to SN 2.0 from the Shiny News section.

Spiral Nature's New Logo

SpiralNature.com is an occult resource dedicated to occult philosophy and metaphysics, alternative spiritualities, and practical magick.

Since its inception in 2000, SpiralNature.com has retained the same look and feel. (To see past versions of the site, check out SpiralNature.com on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.) It was quite dated in terms of its look and its functionality.

This is the first time in SpiralNature.com's eight year history it's received a make-over - indeed, a complete restructuring.

Along with the new design and new logo comes better navigation and new ways explore to SN's archives. Clicking on the items in the menu on the left shows you everything that's archived in that category, including all subcategories. By clicking on the author's name, you'll see all posts archived by that author. Each essay and review lists major topics covered in the piece, and by clicking on these you can view all items with that tag. Stars at the bottom of each essay and review let you rate it.

Some of the content has been removed as it was found to be dated or otherwise not up to standard, though most of it has been preserved, particularly old mailing list and Usenet posts which cannot be found elsewhere.

At present there are more than 500 articles by more than 150 authors in SpiralNature's archives. If you're interested in adding to our content, please see our Submission Guidelines, or Contact the curator for more information.

Additionally, for the first time ever SN has RSS feeds available. You can subscribe to the Shiny Feed, which lists news and condensed lists of updates, or the Full Feed, which gives you everything. For more information about our RSS feeds, please see the FAQ.

So, welcome to SN 2.0, drop me a line and let me know what you think!
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Updates to SpiralNature.com [27 Jul 2007|05:21pm]

New articles:

New interviews:

New reviews:

Updated Article:

The majority of these updates are due to the expiry of the exclusive right to publish granted to Suite101.com last year.

More updates, with work from a variety of authors to be uploaded in the next few weeks.

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Top Ten Search Terms This Week [18 Jul 2007|07:08pm]

- 3 for "[ blank query ]"*
- 2 for "amygdala"
- 2 for "chemognosis"
- 2 for "crown"
- 2 for "satan magic how to light a candle"
- 2 for "school"
- 2 for "shaging spirits"
- 2 for "weddings"
- 1 for "1"
- 1 for "adian"

Wow. Matches not good enough?

Major SN update planned for this weekend/early next week. Watch for it.
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[14 Jul 2007|09:14pm]

Hi. Curious if anyone here has ever heard of a fellow by the name of Martín Prechtel and if so if you'd like to discuss his written works.
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Top ten searches this week* [20 Jun 2007|10:30pm]

- 3 for "spiral"
- 2 for "[ blank query ]"*
- 2 for "3rd quarter"
- 2 for "bkwyrm"
- 2 for "necromancy"
- 2 for "xi o teaz"
- 1 for "11"
- 1 for "chango"
- 1 for "cookbook"
- 1 for "eightfold path"

Recognize anyone? :P

[*These are internal searches, not searches to find SpiralNature.com.]
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Enochian Workshop, Sunday May 27, San Francisco [24 May 2007|12:04am]

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Two Fathers of the People: Understanding Lugus and Dagda [14 May 2007|04:09pm]



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The Tarot History Lectures: Dispelling Mythconceptions, June 2nd and 9th, 2007 in Toronto [01 May 2007|10:23pm]

A thorough understanding of Tarot's history is essential to any serious Tarot student or practitioner. Through these lectures we will explore Tarot's early history, subsequent rise in Western esotericism, and how its symbolism has evolved over the centuries up to the early twentieth century.

Part I: The Roots of Tarot

Over the course of its history, Tarot has acquired a number of fantastic founding myths. Delving deep into Tarot's origins, we will look at the rise of playing cards in Europe, as well as exploring the history and symbolism of several early Tarots, including:
  • The Visconti Tarot
  • The Minchiate Tarot
  • The Sola-Busca Tarot
  • The Tarot of Marseille

Focus will be on the documented history and symbolism of playing cards, and the rise of Tarot in Europe up to the seventeenth century.

Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 2 p.m.
Price: $20

Part II: The Rise of Tarot Esotericism

Tarot was 'rediscovered' as a divination device by seventeenth century occultists, and from then on it has enjoyed a unique place in the Western Magical Tradition. We will explore the contributions of several prominent occultists in the repurposing of Tarot, among them:
  • Antoine Court de Gébelin
  • Éliphas Lévi
  • Samuel Liddell McGregor Mathers
  • Arthur Edward Waite

Focus will be on the documented history and symbolism of playing cards, and the rise of Tarot in Europe up to the seventeenth century.

Date: Saturday, June 9th, 2007 2 p.m.
Price: $20

Pre-book by May 26th, 2007 and attend both lectures for only $30!

For more information please contact:

Phone: 416 428 4893
Website: PsycheTarot.com
E-mail: psyche@spiralnature.com

Or download the flyer!
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More Spiral Nature Updates [06 Apr 2007|10:09pm]

A slew of new things have been uploaded, with tons more backlogged - it's very likely there will be another update later this month.

New articles:

More new reviews:

Got something you want to share? Send it to submit [at] spiralnture [dot] com.

A bientot.
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Updates to Spiral Nature [06 Apr 2007|02:10pm]

A few new reviews have been uploaded over the past few months which I've neglected to comment on here:

More updates to be posted later today, articles, even. More reviews too. Aren't you lucky?
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Once they got here, this represents the top 20 search strings used in the internal search engine [01 Apr 2007|09:46am]

  1. (blank query)
  2. radicals
  3. remove sex magick
  4. spells
  5. zarabanda
  6. dodecahedron
  7. dreams of jesuse
  8. eightfold path
  9. hermaphrodite
  10. sell your soul
  11. xi o teaz
  12. a pagan files archive
  13. diary
  14. dmz
  15. dzm
  16. fire
  17. foto
  18. frater t s
  19. frozen sperm
  20. gibbous

Of the list, I think "frozen sperm" is my favourite this month.
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Top 20 search strings entered to direct users to Spiral Nature in March 2007 [01 Apr 2007|09:36am]

[ mood | idle curiosity ]

  1. chaos magick
  2. cheesy pick up lines top 10
  3. cheesy pick up lines
  4. chaos magic
  5. odd sayings
  6. wiccan names
  7. cheesy pick-up lines top 10
  8. oshun
  9. spiral nature
  10. spiritual cleansing
  11. sex magic
  12. wheel of the year
  13. authentic living
  14. buddhism and nature
  15. eleggua
  16. ice magick
  17. sex magick
  18. cleansing
  19. luciferianism
  20. sigils
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*blinkblink* [27 Mar 2007|06:05pm]

There are a number of common search terms one expects to find entered into an esoteric website, but "frozen sperm" is not among them.
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For those interested in learning more about the twenty-three phenomenon... [24 Mar 2007|01:55pm]

Check out this lengthy exploration from Spiral Nature's archives:

About 23

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Two Different Worldviews [17 Mar 2007|12:57pm]


TWO DIFFERENT WORLDVIEWS: The Arrow and the Spiral

Copyright © 2007 by Robin Artisson

* * *

Most people of any intelligence have already studied the various philosophical and theological differences between Christianity and Paganism- and when I say "Paganism" here, I mean Reconstructed Iron-Age Indo-European Pagan beliefs from the various cultures of Europe, especially those we know the most about- the Germanic or Teutonic, the Celtic, the Slavic, the Vedic, and the Greek. As much as Wiccans may be "pagans", they are not reconstructionists, and their religion doesn't truly encapsulate or understand the definitive authentic philosophical features of pre-Christian European civilizations.

The Wiccan "Pagan Worldview", along with most new-age pagan worldviews, accepts an enormous amount of ideas and philosophies that spring from sources other than Ancient Europe. A study of the best scholarship and literature in the field of European and Indo-European Pagan Studies reveals that the true "Pagan Worldview" is easy to understand and revive, in both a very general and even more specific sense, for people who wish it.

What follows such a survey and it's revelations is the need to compare it to the dominant Christian or Monotheistic worldview. This, I have done below.

Read these two "worldview profiles" below, which basically describe what these two worldviews think about the universe, morality, time, and other important features, and decide, carefully, which you agree with more.

For most of you, I already know the answer. In my own life I see that I embody, in every way, the second of these worldviews, the "Indo-European Pagan or Heathen worldview". So do many people I know. I also know people who embody the first of these, the Christian worldview. If you don't know where you belong, read these two broad profiles and decide which has the most features that make the most sense to you.

Every feature of each of these two worldviews can be attested to from so-called "historical" christian/pagan cultures, or religious and philosophical culture-streams that currently exist. "Indo European Pagan" covers many cultures, but the ideas given in the section on "Pagan or Heathen" below are general and common to nearly all Indo-European peoples in pre-Christian times.

No matter how strange or unfamiliar some of the ideas expressed in the "Pagan or Heathen Worldview" section below may seem to you, these were common and attested-to beliefs of countless people for untold ages. Read. Compare. Decide.

And when you decide, decide not just for yourself but for the world- which of these two worldviews is better for the world? Which represents a wiser, deeper way of seeing the world? Which one challenges us more? One of these worldviews is obviously older than the other, but don't let that be your only criteria of selection. Which seems "right" on the gut level?

Click to see the profiles of the Christian or Monotheistic worldview and the Pagan or Heathen worldview.Collapse )

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Energywork: A Practical Course in Subtle Energy Work [14 Mar 2007|08:58pm]

For immediate release:

14 March 2007

Salem, Oregon--A new course in Energywork will be starting at The Blue Pepper on Thursday, April 5th at 7:00pm. The class, "Energywork: A Practical Course in Subtle Energy Work," is open to all. This 6 month Energywork Practicum will be hosted by Fenwick K. Rysen and Xi O'Teaz.

We will begin by delving straight into the many ways that Subtle Energies have been used in cultures across the globe, from prehistory to the present. This will include examining the many similarities and differences between the various Subtle Energy models, including many that you may be familiar with, including Reiki, Shamanic Breathwork, Taiji Quan, Chi Qong, Pranayama, working with the Kundalini Serpent, and many, many more.

We will then progress directly to practicing the techniques and learning the tools for successful Energywork. This will begin with Sensing Energy, to Shielding and personal Energetic Safety. From there, we will learn Moving and Changing Energy. Once we have covered all of these basic skills, we will learn how to put them all together in the important field of Healing with Energy. We will then learn Manifesting measurable results via Energywork. Finally, we will learn how to transcend all of the previous tools and techniques, learning Living with Energy.

Beginning with the first class, we will be ending every week's session with a thorough Centering, Grounding, Banishing, Shielding, & Filtering. As this is an intensely practical class, we will be placing special emphasis on all of these aspects of personal Energetic Safety and Health.

Whether you have worked with some form of Subtle Energy Work for years, or are just beginning, all are invited to participate in this intensely practical course. Classes begin April 5 and end September 27, 2007. We will meet every Thursday evening 7-8:30pm at The Blue Pepper, in beautiful historic downtown Salem, OR. The Blue Pepper is located at 241 Commercial St. NE, and can be reached at 503.371.4600. Classes are $10/week for drop-ins, $30/month if you pre-register. To pre-register, or if you have any questions or comments, email us at nrg@chaosmatrix.org. For a copy of our class outline, please visit us at http://nrg.chaosmatrix.org.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Viral Memetic Request: Share With Who You Want--Or Don't. Thanks.
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Updates to Spiral Nature [04 Feb 2007|06:33pm]

New & Updated:

Additional notes:

I've also altered the main index page, reduced the links on the left that lead to obsolete or rarely used pages, and removed the calendar I never update on the right. I've replaced the chaos joke with a Crowley snippet and a love poem: I think it will melt your heart.

Speaking of which, I've created what I hope are more enticing sponsorship options. At some point I'm going to go back through my credit card history and add up just how much cash has been paid out over the past seven years - for my own sake. Ayrkain.com has been awesome to me, but I'd love it if a few more people could help out as well.

The submission guidelines have been cleaned up quite a bit. I think the last time it was updated was 2002, there were typos and awkward phrasing; it reads better now.

I thought I'd found all of Taylor's reviews, but just when I thought I was finished: I found another three, so those will probably go up some time in the next week or so. (Thanks again for sending them in, Taylor - check out his site here). I haven't even had a chance to upload the ones I've written recently :P

Thanks for your continuing interest and support of SpiralNature.com, let people know this place (spiralnature) exists, and check out some of the new stuff. A bientot.
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Massive update for Spiral Nature is planned for today [04 Feb 2007|09:02am]

I have months worth of backlogged articles and reviews, but if you've go anything you'd like to see on here, now's the time to send it: submit[at]spiralnature[dot]com.

Stay tuned.
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